Over the course of the 14 months, legislation put into place in December 2020 through Notice 700 in the Government Gazette, mandating Energy Performance certificates in certain buildings, have been the topic of much discussion and debate in the energy and building sector.

Throughout 2021, some clarifications were issued by government institutions and included a revised version of SANS 10400 XA (2021). This webinar is specifically focusses on the differences between the 2011 edition and the 2021 edition of SANS 10400 XA, which include building energy performance and maximum energy demand values, net area and other definition changes or clarifications, and more accurate definition of climate or energy zones.

Furthermore, some changes to requirements and additional requirements are given for building envelopes and services designs for energy efficient buildings. The webinar aims to assist in explaining the changes to the standard in detail and to elaborate on the impacts of these changes on the EPC calculations to ensure clear understanding of the implications of the new SANS 10400 XA 2021.

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29-31 March 2022

Energy efficiency has demonstrated, time and again, that if managed properly through a systems approach it can save firms money, from small to large businesses, from buildings to manufacturing plants.

Production costs and product costs are reduced, reliability of operations is increased, wastages are decreased not only around energy use, better maintenance of equipment is enabled resulting in less downtime and scrap production, positive impact on productivity and competitiveness, it offers attractive financial and economic returns, reduces the risk and exposure to rising energy prices, and increases security of supply.

Implementing a system is the recommended first step before projects even start to be considered, and more so before considering renewable and alternative generation options.


7-12 March 2022

A Certified Energy Manager (CEM ®) is an individual

who optimizes the energy performance of a facility,

building, or industrial plant. The CEM is a systems

integrator for electrical, mechanical, process, and

building infrastructure, analyzing the optimum

solutions to reduce energy consumption using a cost-effective approach.

CEM’s are often team leaders and help to develop and implement their organizations’ energy management strategies.

This course is designed to help energy professionals,

including energy managers, energy engineers, facility and business managers, industrial engineers, supply chain professionals, utility officials, consultants, contractors, financial officers, and energy service company professionals become more aware of and effective at identifying and implementing the best energy management strategies. This mix of energy professionals and the learning environment also provides attendees an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and networking.


10-12 May 2022

A Certified Measurement & Verification Professional

(CMVP®) is an individual who measures and verifies

energy usage and energy requirements throughout

a building or across multiple facilities. They develop

metrics so that investment in energy, water, demand management, retrofit, and renewable energy projects can be evaluated, and prioritized.

A CMVP® can often help a company realize substantial savings. The program is of greatest value to those undertaking or assessing M&V energy projects. Obtaining AEE’s CMVP® certification provides international credibility among energy management and M&V communities. Attendees of this program have included existing M&V professionals, energy engineers, energy managers, energy analysts, financial executives, manufacturing and facilities managers, and energy consultants.

The Institute Of

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