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The Fundamentals to Energy Management Training (FEMT) provides the basics to be able to understand holistic energy management that encompasses electrical, mechanical and thermal system. Prepare for further training in the energy engineering professions.

Mr Louis Lagrange

MSc Agriculture, CEM®, CEA®, CMVP®, CWEP®, CBEP®, CLEP®

AEE® Trainer: CEM®, CEA®, CBEP®, CLEP®,
IEPA Trainer: Introduction to Energy Management Training (IEMT), Building Energy Audit Training (BEAT) 

Louis holds a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Pretoria, with over 30 years of experience in energy related fields and has focused significantly on Strategic and Scenario Planning, Energy Efficiency, Energy Optimisation and Energy Management.

Louis has developed the highly acclaimed Fundamentals of Energy Management Training (FEMT) course and has now redeveloped it into the Introduction to Energy Management Training (IEMT), providing two critical skills, namely (i) for attending company managers and financial officers to work aligned with technical energy managers, and (ii) practical fundamental technical skills for engineers venturing into the energy industry.
Louis has exceptional communication and presentation skills and holds a Toastmasters International Advanced Bronze status.